Dahlia Sleeps Remind Us Of The Glorious Freedom Of Singlehood In “Divided”


Photo: Tom Johnson

By Pres Dean

Admit it – you may get sad at first, but the unrestricted freedom of being single again gives you a priceless sense of relief and movement. London duo Dahlia Sleep, aka producer/writer Luke Hester and singer/writer Lucy Hill, capture such enlightening euphoria in their new single “Divided.” You no longer have to eat, sleep, and even Netflix around someone else’s schedule – instead you can do whatever you want. Did you give up pizza coz you dated a gluten-free, vegan guru/part-time barista from Silver Lake (and no, I’m not pointing the finger to anyone here André)? Well, fuck that and say hello to that cheesy doughiness while blasting “Divided”:

Of the new single, singer Lucy Hill said: “Relationships, in all their forms, come and go, there is an inevitability in that. There is a joy and celebration to this song, despite the hardness of subject matter. Divided has that steadfastness, acceptance, almost stubbornness, despite its aspects of grief. What comes across first as anger, ends with freedom. It feels like a chance for us to be re-born as we release new music in our new form.”