Jen Rim Ruminates On Loss In New Intimate Single “Tell Me”


Photo: John Chong

LA-based Korean American artist Jen Rim ruminates on the loss of her father in her new single “Tell Me,” an intimate track where Jen’s vulnerability soars over the minimalistic production. Co-written and produced by her friend Boaz Roberts, “Tell Me” finds Jen excavating through buried emotions of grief, longing, and reflection.“This song is extremely personal for me, that’s why it’s a little bit more intimate and feels like I’m exposing my diary,” Jen said. “There are those moments when you feel alone, when you’re lying down and just wondering why. It took many years for me to choose to be honest… Past the anger and bitterness, I just miss my dad.”

The track is from Jen’s upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be out on September 7th. She’ll be performing at Hotel Café on September 9th.