Mini Trees Addresses The Weird Routine We Develop During Chaos In “Carrying On”

Even when the world is burning, you still brush your teeth

Photo: Nina Raj

LA-based artist Mini Trees, aka Lexi Vega, addresses the weird way we engage in our own routine despite the chaos that happens in our surrounding in her latest single and video “Carrying On.” Whereas she taps into the undeniable sense of fear and uncertainty we’ve all experienced since the pandemic broke, she also taps into the odd ways in which we’ve developed and carried out our routines. Hit play:

“I wrote ‘Carrying On’ in the middle of 2020 when I was out in the desert escaping the city and reflecting on the unsettling new way of life we all had to adopt during the pandemic,” mused Lexi. “Despite how in some ways life had begun to feel mundane again, there was a constant underlying fear that everything could unravel at any moment. In a sarcastic tone, the song questions my ability to hold it all together. We tried to capture this sentiment with the music video, displaying a character who is being led through the motions of day-to-day life, but beginning to recognize that something isn’t quite right.” 

The track is from her upcoming debut album Always In Motion, which will be out on September 17th via Run For Cover Records. She has show dates coming up: 

Mini Trees 2021 Tour Dates:

08/19 – Portland, OR @ Topaz Farm w/ Thao

09/30 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge w/ A.O. Gerber