Sean McVerry’s Debut Track “Right Here” Is The Offspring Of TikTok Spontaneity

Good things happen when you let social media dictate your day

Photo: PR courtesy

Rising artist Sean McVerry has dropped his debut single “Right Here,” a chill spontaneous piece that is the offshoot of a TikTok exercise McVerry did. It’s one of those upbeat track that makes you wanna hop and spin, but at the same time chill like a cucumber. Press play and groove on:  

“I wrote ‘Right Here’ as a part of a series/writing exercise I did on TikTok – where I would basically try to write and produce something based on a suggestion from a fan,” noted McVerry. “Someone had requested something ‘Like Adult Swim’ and I settled into this sort of wavy, tapey laid-back kind of groove. The video kind of took off, and hit about three hundred thousand views over the course of a couple of days and I felt like I should finish it up and put it into the world.”

The track is out now via Brooklyn-based record label Better Company.