Cameron Forbes Spreads Body Positivity In New Risqué Anthem “Send Nudes”

Yes, it comes with visuals

Photo: Philip Formenti

Chicago native Cameron Forbes spreads a message of body positivity in his latest single and highly exquisite video “Send Nudes.” The visuals, along with the melody, embraces one’s own body and sexuality in a playful way. From doing ab crunches to posing in front of the mirror, Cameron keeps our ears and eyes on cloud 69:

“‘Send Nudes’ is about celebrating your own skin. No filter. No judgment. No matter what shape, size, or color you are,” noted Cam. “In some ways it’s a reminder to myself to own my sexy. If you wanna show off there ain’t nothing wrong with that, as long as you love yourself in the process. And if you choose to share that part of yourself with someone, do it with someone you trust.” He added that he “started singing some of the messages I would get on dating apps and turned them into lyrics, and it all unfolded from there.”