ad•era Give A Shoutout To The Painfully Glorious Art Of Songsmithing In “Song We Made”

Lo-fi, chill pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Sleepless nights, caffeine abuse, and 4am eureka moments are some phrases that describe the songsmithing process for artists. Canadian trio ad•era captures such process in their new lo-fi single “Song We Made,” a smooth piece where the silky choruses navigates through the hurdles of crafting music. The process can be exhausting, but the reward is something that makes the artist – and their listeners – an exquisite journey of frissons: 

“For us, every song we make takes us on a journey. Sometimes we’ll be hit with pure inspiration and things seem to go smoothly, but a lot of the time we have to just grind it out,” shared the band. “Even though it can be tough mentally sometimes, creating songs is still the most fulfilling thing for us to do with our lives. We wrote ‘Song We Made’ about the celebration of having something that we enjoy working hard at.”