Blue Violet Share Greta Thunberg-Inspired Single “White Beaches”

Wistful pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Anglo-Scottish duo Blue Violet have unveiled their latest single and video “White Beaches,” inspired by Greta Thunberg’s School Strike For Climate movement. It’s a melancholically dreamy and wistful piece where the slow-burning atmosphere induces you in a broody space.  “The younger generation want stronger leadership and better examples set by their politicians, and Greta has captured not only the imagination of her peers but the attention of the world’s leaders,” shared singer Sarah. “They really can’t afford to ignore her as she represents all of us.”

She further added, “A marine activist friend of ours wrote that ‘no matter how powerful we believe ourselves to be, we are not mightier than the planet itself – it will fight back and still be here long after we are gone’. I’m sure that’s right, but we need to do our bit to help. We got in touch with [ocean conservation charity] Surfers Against Sewage to gain a better understanding of the kind of reality we are dealing with concerning ocean pollution and it’s truly awful.”

Catch the duo onstage this fall:

11/4 – Liquid Room, Edinburgh

11/5 – Ironworks, Inverness

11/6-7 – King Tut’s, Glasgow