Jalen Santoy & Nyla Symone Celebrate Self Awareness In New Single “Stay”


“Stay” Packshot PR courtesy

Jalen Santoy join forces with Nyla Symone in new single “Stay,” out now via Repost, SoundCloud’s artist services division. A seamless infusion of jazz and hip-hop, “Stay” bounces over your ears with its fingerpicked chords as the silky vocals of Santoy and Symone roll with pure positive energy. Press play:

“‘Stay’ is an enchanting song that makes you want to move as soon as you press play. Made from scratch at around 4am, the track came together purely based off of the good energy in the studio that night. While writing the song it made me reflect on personal relationships I’ve had that didn’t work out, where self awareness saved me,” noted Jalen. “Knowing what’s for you, and what’s not, allows you to be intentional about where you invest time, energy and money. Some things ain’t you.”