Time To Waltz Away Haters With Pink Elefants’ “Sinderella”


Image: PR courtesy

Maryland-based duo Pink Elefants invite us into an explosive soundscape of hip-hop riffs paired with heart-cringing pop twists with their latest single “Sinderella.” The track taps into overcoming all the haters and blocks through the delicate art of self-love. “The song is about persevering through the obstacles that others put in front of you,” noted the duo. Along with the song, the duo has shared a video for it featuring a stunning dance performance and some gory audience: 

Speaking of the influence behind the video, they shared: “at the beginning of the video when we sit down and begin to watch the performance, the dancer in front of us seems grotesque. We begin to judge her, harshly. As that happens, our true selves begin to surface, while our actress transforms and heals. The monsters at the end almost feel helpless as they spew their disgust, but the dancer smiles…she has transcended and become more of herself, no longer affected by the harsh opinions of man.”