Scout Shares Her Growing Pains In Debut EP ‘Rather Be Blind (Than See My Life Without You)’


Photo: Rory Cole

London-based artist Scout beckons us into her own coming-of-age journey in her debut EP Rather Be Blind (Than See My Life Without You). It’s a four-track record of dark and buoyant ethereal pop where Scout pulls your nostalgic heartstrings through her own memories. The opens with the new single “California Dreaming,” a dreamy cinematic piece that takes you back to her days living in a small town:

“‘California Dreaming’ is about coming-of-age/living in a small town,” Scout explained. “I wanted to write about the “us and them” feeling I used to live with, watching stuff on TV and social media and when everything just feels so far removed from you and your mates lives. I used to feel pretty stuck back home [in Sweden] but now I can see that what you have in those places and the people you share it with is pretty special. There’s almost a bond you share if you haven’t gone on expensive holidays or had exciting stuff on your doorstep growing up.”

Speaking of the EP, she shared: “I like to write about places I’ve lived and details and stuff that stuck with me. The biggest overall theme is growing pains and shaky relationships I’ve had with others, and myself. I hope people will be able to relate and see a bit of themselves in it, hopefully it’ll brighten their day that someone else is struggling and messing up too.”