Golding Hopscotch Across Different Relationship Stages In “Boxing Underwater” Ft. Cailin Russo

Indietronic pop

Photo: Nicholas Stevens

Golding recruit LA artist Cailin Russo in their latest single “Boxing Underwater,” co-written with Jarryd James. Exuding an intimate aura, “Boxing Underwater” is a delicate piece arranged with ethereal hooks and loops that lets its listeners decide the mood of the song. Along with the track, the duo have also unveiled a video filmed and directed by Nicholas Stevens where we get to see different stages of a relationship: 

Speaking of the track, lead singer Jay Bainbridge explained, “I love how creatively vague the lyrics are. I really want people to find their own meaning within the track and hope the lyrics can speak to people in their own way. ‘Boxing Underwater’ is a melodic expression that evokes emotion through the sonics of the track, allowing listeners to create their own sub-narrative and imagery in their minds.” 

On the video, Golding’s Matt Bartlem commented, “It was really important to us to show varying sides of relationships, not just the good but the bad too. We wanted to capture the emotion of a real relationship so we were lucky enough to have real-life couple Mikalah and Zohar star in the clip, you can truly feel the love and chemistry between them as you watch the video unfold.”