Tora Dive Into Our Fear Of Pseudo Realities In “Inundated”

When things seem too good to be true

Photo: Rein Kooyman

Amsterdam-based, Aussie band Tora tap into the unfathomable fear we all experience when things are way too good to be true in their latest single and video “Inundated.”Shot on the idland of Vileland in The Netherlands, the video is a visual feast that breaks down the complex emotions we experience when we believe in pseudo realities – especially in relationships. “‘Inundated’ is about being absolutely infatuated by somebody, whilst simultaneously being afraid that they are stringing you along, leading you to believe a false reality,” noted frontman Jo Loewenthal. “It’s about being afraid to fully trust somebody because they make you feel so good that you fear how much power they wield over you.” 

“Inundated” is from their upcoming album A Force Majeure, which will be out on September 3rd via Believe Music.