Drones Call Out Our Toxic Relationship With Earth In “Please Vacate The Planet”

Industrial noise punk

Photo: PR courtesy

UK Drones are back with another smashing video titled “Please Vacate The Planet,” a punchy anthem that calls out our parasitic relationship with our own planet. With their deep-cutting choruses and blazing riffs, Drones craft a hardcore sound that keeps your adrenalins foot-stomping across your goosebumps. The video capture the explosive aura of the band, capturing their flammable chemistry: 

Regarding the song, the band stated, “‘Please Vacate The Planet’ is about the devastating impact humans have on Earth. We are like leeches sucking the life from the planet. We build and destroy, consume and discard so rapidly that it’s impossible for the rest of Earth’s life to remain intact. The population is growing so fast that sometimes it feels like the best thing to do is just get rid of us altogether…” 

The track is from their new album Our Hell Is Right Here, which is out now via Thousand Island Records (North America) and Lockjaw Records (UK).