Jess Chalker’s “Don’t Fight It” Will Get You Joyfully Melancholic

From her upcoming album ‘Hemispheres’

Photo: Paul Cantlon

Aussie artist Jess Walker, aka frontwoman of new-wave duo We Are The Brave, has unveiled her latest single “Don’t Fight It,” a buoyantly sad song that makes you smile like the Joker – hollow happiness paired with deeply buried trauma. “Don’t Fight It” finds Jess realizing she shouldn’t be a people pleaser and accepting the uncertainty that comes with being fine with being imperfect. Written with Chalker (aka Grammy-winning collaborator Rich Jacques and Martijn Tinus Konijnenburg), “Don’t Fight It” will either break down in tears or fuel you with hope…or all of the above: 

“There’s a bittersweetness to ‘Don’t Fight It’ that I love… It feels both joyful and sad to me,” noted Jess. “It was written at a time when I was going through some personal stuff, trying really hard to please everyone, not really knowing where I fit and becoming someone I wasn’t. In the end I really surrendered to that feeling of being lost, because acknowledging that made me realize I needed to change where I was going.”

The track is from her upcoming album Hemisphere, which will be out on November 5th via her own imprint 528 Records.