For Moments Of Existential Block, Play Luke Wild’s “Slow Motion”

Perfect for procrastinating in slo-mo

Photo: Jordan Douglas 

LA-based artist Luke Wild captures the restlessness we experience when we are stuck in a rut in his latest single “Slow Motion.” Think of last year (or even this year) when you tried to make some progress with your life while wrestling with the daily uncertainties that natural disasters, diseases, and wrong Postmate orders threw at you. Yea, it’s been a tough year but with “Slow Motion” Luke invites us to process wtf happened in a semi-Xanaxed, soothing way through his effortless flow of harmonies as he chants “I’ve been running in slow motion.” We’re totally procrastinating in slow motion with this: 

“‘Slow Motion’ is the vocalization of what feels like every day of my life. It was written at a time where I feel like I was banging my head against the wall to make progress (musically, personally, spiritually), and how I feel like everything was moving slowly. I actually accidentally sang ‘I’ve been running in slow motion’ while originally tracking another hook and it felt so natural.”  

The track is from his upcoming EP Shoebox, which will be out on September 24th via Terrible Records.