Experimental Indie Artist Sam Pine talks about his Latest Single, Album, and Returning to his Roots in Colorado

By Leah Black

Photo: Evelyn McSpirit

Meet 22-year-old, genre-bending indie riser, Sam Pine. The talented artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Denver, Colorado has a delightfully novel yet eclectic sound, which combines kaleidoscopic elements of bedroom pop, jazz, funk and experimental soundscapes for a richly-textured and humbling musical experience.

Sam Pine’s latest offering is “Why Can’t U?” a single from his new album Evergreen, which was written and recorded in the artist’s childhood bedroom over the course of the quarantine. “Why Can’t U?” was conceived after Sam Pine discovered the toll that the pandemic caused on his close relationships with romantic partners, friends, and even family members.

Interlaced with multi-faceted sonic textures that are articulated with honesty, and personal energy that bring listeners to resonate deeply with his feelings of loneliness, it’s a song that makes us feel not alone with all of the unexpected twists and turns that we’ve experienced during this uncertain time in history.

Luckily, we’ve caught up with Sam Pine to talk about his new single “Why Can’t U?”, the concepts behind his new album Evergreen, and what he likes to do for fun in the vast and beautiful landscapes of Colorado. 

Sam, you have many musical talents – not only as a singer-songwriter, but as a producer and multi-instrumentalist. Tell me a little bit about when and how you discovered your love for music and what inspired you to pursue a career as a solo artist?

I was lucky enough to catch the music bug very early on…  I just knew this was my life path since I was six years old. Then I found myself studying guitar as my primary instrument which landed me at CalArts many years later. During those many years of obsession with music my inspirations were truly all over the place… everything from J Dilla, Tom Waits, Hiatus Kaiyote, Miles Davis just to name a few. With all of this knowledge and experience in different musical settings and then the uninterrupted time given by the lockdown I knew it was time for me to launch my solo career and really find my footing in this way creatively.

Your latest single “Why Can’t U?” is off of your debut album and explores some of the effects the pandemic has had on our relationships. Tell me more about the song, what inspired it, and how it came together sonically.

One relationship kinda inspired the message of the song but then quickly it became more of a general cry of loneliness in terms of all different types of relationships in my life. Really I was calling out for a reason why romantic relationships were ending in my life as well as friendships and even family ties. This song was put together in the middle of the night in my childhood home… it really just naturally happened and everything was so easy in terms of the relationship between the instruments, production, and melody choice… I’m sure I irritated the rest of my family for about a year and a half… my best ideas came in the middle of the night… so very convenient for those trying to sleep. Game over once I found that roaring bassline.

In your debut album Evergreen, you cover some heavy topics. How did you come up with the concept, and what message do you hope to convey to your listeners with this album?

The time spent in isolation was so revealing… I was forced to be with myself and my thoughts… and like many of my friends and the rest of the world it was so difficult to do this at times. So naturally the music I was making took on the meaning of these worries, desires, and questions that constantly occupied my mind. The name Evergreen was symbolic to me for multiple reasons… Growing up in Colorado I am surrounded by nature and the Evergreen Pine tree … and at times I felt the most vulnerable and anxious about everything. I would road trip to the rocky mountains outside Denver and just meditate on the beauty of these trees and the surrounding mountains. I hope the listeners find peace and comfort in listening to these tracks because the overall message is of hope and a desire to make friends with ourselves.

How would you describe your music in three words or less?

Groove, Eccentric, Honest

You live in the beautiful Denver, Colorado. What’s your favorite thing to do there?

I am truly a mountain boy… hiking, skinny dipping, rafting, skiing, and of course beer 🙂 

Who are your top musical inspirations?

Tom Misch, Pharrell Williams, Still Woozy, Wes Montgomery and Led Zeppelin

What’s next in store for you? Do you plan on touring in the coming year?

Relocating to LA this August and I plan to make loads of music for myself and for others ! I plan to do a west coast tour as well as local shows around LA in the coming months.

Finally, you’re playing a massive sold out show. The audience wants you to serenade a fan in the audience. What song would you choose to cover?

Lost In The World- Kanye West, Bon Iver