Good Morning Reconnect With Their Younger Selves In “Country”

Indie rock

Photo: Nick Mckk

Aussie duo Good Morning have unveiled their latest single “Country,” a chill indie rock piece peppered with the raw elements of folk that evokes nostalgia. Tapping into the highs and lows of adulthood, “Country” invites its listeners to reconnect with their younger selves. Written and sung by Good Morning’s Liam, “Country” comes with a video directed by Aidan McDonald and we can assure that no chickens were harmed. 

Speaking of the track, Liam shared: “I’m still not sure if I’m singing to old friends, an old lover or my old self. I think probably all three. At the time, I was having a rough one reconciling my life with what I had expected adult life to be. I knew that my younger self – a more virtuous, kind-hearted and patient person – would be perplexed by how I had turned out, and I felt a kind of second-hand embarrassment for myself looking over the last few years of false starts and dead ends. This song is an attempt from me to reconnect with my younger self as well as some key ghosts from my past and to move forward by looking back – pretty futile stuff really.”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming album Barnyard, which will be out on October 22nd via Polyvinyl Record.