Take An Existential Retreat With Hearteyes’ “Electroboy” Ft. Jordan Alexander

Pensive indietronica

Photo: PR courtesy

Sydney-based artist Hearteyes joins forces with Jordan Alexander in new slow-burning anthem “Electroboy,” an introspective piece weaved with silky croons that elevates your mind to existentialism 2.0 – which is perfect for procrastinating. Even if you’re not in a pensive mood, “Electroboy” is a rhythmic wave that you want to ride as it wraps you with plenty of warm melancholia: 

Speaking of the track, Hearteyes explained: “The song is a namesake to the novel ‘Electroboy’ by Andy Behrman, a biography that traverses the nuances of bipolar’s peaks and troughs. The song basically talks about running away from one’s problems and disappearing for days to weeks with no word of warning to anyone. While selfish to observers, the protagonist treats it as a pilgrimage to self-enlightenment, using past memories and experiences to outline a map to where one must travel to achieve happiness and normality.”

Hearteyes will be dropping a new mixtape Headbangers 2 on August 27th via Coalesce.