Get Your Hot Girl Summer Karma On With Dasha’s “Talk”


Photo: Courtesy of Quadio Records

LA-based artist Dasha taps into the constant emotional tub-of-war you engage with a ‘lover’ in the beginning of a relationship in her new single “Talk.” Bleached with the warm colors of summer love and tension, “Talk” finds Dasha sharing her own experience playing the game but being the one who has the power to call it off just coz she’s the badass one. With her cheeky unapologetic attitude, Dasha continues to showcase her knack for crafting clever and punchy narratives that make us feel extra groovy: 

On the track, Dasha explained, “TALK” is all about taking back the power and about the karma around ‘you get what you give.’ It’s the perfect finale for ‘hot girl summer.’ Maybe it’s because I’m 21, bored, and resilient as hell but I only talk to guys when there’s some type of game involved. It’s not fun if it’s easy…”

“Talk” is out now via Quadio Records.