Boon Releases Hard-Hitting Pop Single “Can’t Be Love”

By Leah Black

Photo: Clayton Stakelbeck

Dark pop meets alt-rocker Boon is an 18-year-old artist on the rise who has music running thick in his blood.  As the son of Carrie Underwood’s lead guitarist, Boon has been surrounded by music since a young age and has been inspired by a variety of musical styles, which is reflected in his own genre-blending sounds. Combining elements of rock, trap, EDM and the blues, Boon showcases his ability for innovation and a level of mastery that constructs these elements with fluidity, style, and ease.

The young Nashville prodigy just released his latest single, “Can’t Be Love,” which is a highly relatable song about unrequited love and disillusionment. The song explodes with originality, dripping with raw vocals, gritty electronic guitar riffs, hard hitting trap beats and a catchy dark pop hook. It’s the kind of song you put on when you’re tired of hearing the same pop formula over and over again and need some inspiration. This is due to the track’s gripping effect – it pulls you in, shakes you up, and then spits you back out. Boon’s out of the box concepts and creative edge is what really takes this song to that level, making it a stand out pick for your summer playlists with volume turned all the way up. Additionally, Boon also mixed, produced, and mastered this track, which is even more impressive at such a young age.

The artist has made a powerful entrance on the music scene, with singles “i might like u” and “You” that have been applauded and recognized as prerequisites for hits. With inspirations such as Skrillex, The Black Keys, and The Weeknd, Boon has the versatility, originality, and talent to become the next in line as top of his class.
Check out the new single for Boon’s “Can’t Be Love” for a combustion of raw musical magic.