Mister Strange’s “Move Along” Is A Mood

Garage rock

Photo: PR courtesy

UK Mister Strange captures the weird optimism we’re holding onto as we try to settle into a new norm despite the omnipresent feeling of doom we’ve all gotten used to in their new single “Move Along.” With its fuzzy layers of shimmering synths and raw psychedelia, “Move Along” highlights the trio’s knack of building invigorating rhythms that keep you bouncing your adrenalines: 

Discussing the themes, the band explained: “As the title says; the song gives light to the mood we’re all in right now. A feeling of looking ahead and getting on track to bring back the good energy and unstick your feet from the sludge which pours around you when it can. The song rides through a tight groove ridden start that moves into interjections of garage led freakouts that ride their way to an outro with the heavy firmly pressed into the palms of your hand. You’re moving along with us, so get used to it.“

“Move Along” is from their upcoming EP I, which will be out on September 20th