Banji Share Steamy Shower Conversations In “TalkieWalkie”

Some serious convos bubbling up here

Photo: Benjamin Srijindarat

By Pres Dean

As much as we love enjoy clickbating you with risqué titles, Banji’s “TalkieWalkie” is not as rated R as you might’ve hoped…but it’s still a banger that you can dance, shampoo, wash your legs, and maybe cry to behind those wet curtains. With its head-knocking, broken tape-like choruses, “TalkieWalkie” browses through those internal conversations you keep playing while you’re exfoliating your skin. The video, however, is another thing – you see the four surrounded by nature and having fun.  

In vocalist Morris Brandt’s own words, “This song was meant to be a continuation of our other song ‘Listen’. I wanted to write down some of the conversations I had with myself in the shower, cause that’s really the only place I can actually win arguments. I thought that was a fun concept for a song, but I ended up writing about frustration. Being tied up and missing a sense of freedom and forwardness. Trying to handle that, but failing to consider a different perspective – all the way up to the point you’d rather spend your energy screaming at a wall.”

The track is out now via [PIAS] Recordings.