Lilac Kings’ “A Touch To Lose” Is About Bad Decisions That Just Feel Right

But they’re totally wrong

Photo: Maria Estrella Guillermo 

By Pres Dean

Oklahoma-based pop-rock band Lilac Kings captures our desire to pursue something or someone who will clearly lead us to a doomful end in new single “A Touch To Lose.” Think about all the times you ordered pizza despite being lactose intolerant and enjoyed it to the last slice knowing your stomach will hate you next morning. “A Touch To Lose” is kinda similar but more emotional with a groovier rock’n’roll edge and sprinkled with some pop confetti. If you’re the type of person who goes for selective suffering coz at the time it felt “so right,” take this song personally:

In their own words, “The song is about being involved in something or with someone that feels wrong, but wanting it desperately enough to deal with the lack of true connection. Knowing that in the end, the experience will leave you feeling even more lonely and sad. We aimed to create a song that vocally and musically encompassed these feelings. The music composition itself was actually inspired partially by John Mayer and was written when our songwriter Dylan McBride was on a massive John Mayer kick.”