daste.’s “changes” Is Sonic Remedy For Bad Days

Chill, alternative pop

Photo: Dominic Gould

Aussie trio daste know that the best way to remedy a bad day is through some chill banger that will boost your mood and remind you of the little joys of life. And this message comes across gracefully in their latest single “changes,” a laidback alternative pop piece where the trio nudge you to view things from a different perspective. Check it out: 

“‘changes’ is a song about those times when life is beating you around and you’re feeling a little bit sorry for yourself. Where things aren’t going as planned and it seems like wholesome days are rare. This song is a message for anybody (including us) going through those changes. It’s about appreciating the little things in life and taking those bad days in your stride. Sometimes that’s just how it goes.”

The track is from their upcoming album dusk / dawn, which will be out October.