Dylan Indulges In The Carefree Pre-Adulting Days In “Nineteen”

Yes, we dearly miss those days

Photo: David East

By Pres Dean

London artist Dylan is 21, which means she has had her start on that weird, inescapable thing called adulting – aka doing one’s own laundry, paying taxes, worrying about rent, and other moody responsibilities. With her latest single “Nineteen,” she looks back at those carefree days of not being quite a teenager but also not being treated as an adult fully – the best phase of one’s life. Glossed with all the shimmering airy synths of mainstream pop, “Nineteen” goes all the way when it comes to romanticism and nostalgia. It is purely a celebration of being young and not having to do anything – the wonderful nothingness of it which we all took it for granted.

“‘Nineteen’ is a nostalgic song about youth, love and heartbreak,” said Dylan of the track. “It’s just about being young, and the summer of [being] 19 was so superior to every other summer because I had no responsibilities, and no school, and no reason to be anywhere.”

Dylan will be playing a couple of shows this upcoming fall as well as next year.


Aug 24 – O2 Arena (London)

Nov 9 – Camden Assembly (London)


Feb 20 – Deaf Institute (Manchester)

Feb 22 – The Garage (London)

Feb 23 – Rough Trade (Bristol)