Inwards’ “Hospital Job” Is About Eating Too Many Mushrooms

Highly trippy

Photo: Artist courtesy

If you want to know how hallucinating feels like, then just watch Inwards’ latest 360 virtual reality video “Hospital Job,” created by Sebastian Price. Like its mind-bending, surreal visuals, the track is about eating way too many mushrooms that you end up traveling beyond the time and space continuum. “This one is about eating too many mushrooms and completely falling apart. My friend referred to the time as ‘Hospital Job’, so it’s about those memories,” explained Inwards.

On the video, Price shared: “The video was designed to feel like somewhere between a near death experience, a trip and a lucid dream. Things don’t appear as they should, perspectives are warped, scenes and surroundings aren’t complete, lighting rapidly shifts, and the camera eerily flies through these memories, or dreams, in an artificially smooth ways. Certain parts of images are very well replicated but small details are lost, faces become abstract shapes.” 

The track is from Inwards’ upcoming EP Feeling So Fun Reality, which will be out on October 7th via Small Pond.