For People-Pleasers Who Are Guilty Of Being Too Good, Play siné’s “2GOOD2U”

Photo: Matlhe Behr

If you’re guilty of being too people-pleasing, then Copenhagen-based artist siné’s latest single “2GOOD2U” is an introspective confession of such guilty behavior. With a splash of 90s R&B vibe, siné fuels us with chill, groovy hooks that keeps you reinvigorated but also on a reflective state as you think about the people-pleasing tendencies that have led to wrong decisions – like not leaving someone who isn’t clearly good enough for you. Check out the sassy, sun-kissed video directed by Pelle Gøtz below: 

“It was really meant to be the ultimate break-up song. But while I was going all Girl Power and feeling free I was hit by the insecurity that always haunts you when you’re trying to leave someone for good. And so instead, I ended up feeling totally miserable about myself. ‘2GOOD2U’ is about the inner fight that comes with not being able to stand up for your ridiculous self when life needs to change. It’s a reminder that you are the one in your life who can make the chance to move forward from what might seem like a catch-22,” siné commented.

The track is out now via Universal Music Denmark.