SOUNDR Delivers An Empowering Message & Performance In New Video “Dumb Dumb”

What a glorious teddy bear

Photo: Stetson Whitworth

Salt Lake City artist SOUNDR (aka Katherine Thomas) rocks our adrenalins with her pop-punk single “Dumb Dumb.” Lyrically, the song feels like you’re getting rid of an ex – you know, the energy vampire kind ready to suck the life out of you. But it actually applies to any kind of toxic situation where SOUNDR reminds you of the power you have to take control and leave. Think of “Dumb Dumb” as a punk sage to get rid of any negative juju in your life right now. The song also comes with a video by Stetson Whitworth where we see all of our childhood dreams come true: a Costco-sized teddy bear:

“‘DUMB DUMB’ is about taking back your power and turning an obnoxious and hurtful situation into something badass and liberating,” explained SOUND. “It’s more than just a breakup song – it’s about believing you deserve better and not backing down. Remembering that you hold the power in changing anything in your life that isn’t right for you. The song itself feels powerful. It’s that old school, pop-punk, energy. Driving down the road singing the chorus, you just feel like you’re a badass that can handle anything.”

On the video, SOUNDR added, “I wanted the video to be playful – I had the idea of using this giant 7 ft tall teddy bear to symbolize the person the song is talking about, to visually show some of the back and forth. And the set at Dreamscapes in downtown SLC added so much to the whimsical vision. I have always loved the energy of playing in a band, so having that setting for ‘DUMB DUMB’ just felt right. I love that it’s simple – just Khaymen (my drummer in the video) and I. It makes the video feel connected to punk roots.”

“Dumb Dumb” is from her upcoming EP, which she’ll be sharing more details soon. 

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