Elko Is In Search Of Connection In His Post-Genre EP ‘Painkiller Twilight’

Meet the Egyptian/Canadian artist

Photo: @nathanlau

Rising Egyptian/Canadian artist Elko is the type of musician who hits your quarter midlife crisis where it hurts and heals – this songs talk about the disillusionment of being a misfit and adulting while also manage to re-discover a new form of hope through self-discovery. His EP Painkiller Twilight, is a post-genre record that captures youthful anxiety with all the exhilarating rush of novelty. It’s lo-fi, bedroom pop, Internet groove, whatever you call it – Painkiller Twilight feels like an intimate introspection filled with quarantine blues and plenty of existential moodiness. Check his latest video “Dishonest” shot by Soul Serum (Jack keys) and EP below:

Elko grew up in a Muslim household under immigrant parents who moved from Egypt to Canada. “As a kid I wasn’t allowed to express myself in so many ways, my sense of self had been really distorted. A few years ago I moved to Toronto and things started to change, but there were a lot of growing pains.

Painkiller Twilight is in many ways a narration of things I went through figuring out how to not feel disconnected all the time. It’s about still pushing through and exploring identity after being fucked up by life,” shared Elko.