Tora Take Us To The Dark Side Of Tech Addiction In “Put Down Your Phone”


Photo: PR courtesy

With the ongoing pandemic and new gadgets, we’re constantly trading our valuable human experiences with screen time filled with likes, highly filtered photos, and dramatic headlines. Tora points the dark aspects of our tech addiction in new single “Put Down Your Phone.” Think about all the times you or someone else ignored you for the sake of finishing that one video of a dog devouring nachos (that was a good one btw). “I started writing the song as a joke that I would sing to people when they ignored me for their phones, eventually it turned into something serious and made its way into the studio during our recording sessions,” shared band’s frontman Jo Loewenthal. Press play:

“Over time it’s becoming more acceptable to prioritise the people on your phone above those around you in real life, “ added Loewenthal. “This realisation hit me hard when I noticed that my ex and I would more often sit on the couch scrolling instead of being present with each other. I wanted to use this creative expression as a reality snap and a reminder to never forget what’s most important for our wellbeing, here and now.”

The track is from their upcoming album A Force Maejeure, which will be out on September 3rd