Ayelle Breaks Down Breakup Guilt In “Still A Boy”


Photo: PR courtesy

Sometimes people don’t grow along together and with that comes a giant elephant in the room, which eventually leads to breakups. Swedish-Iranian, LA-based artist Ayelle examines the post-breakup guilt we experience after letting someone go in new single “Still A Boy.” We’ve all gone through moments of hesitations and what-ifs thinking that we may have not done enough or we could’ve done better. “Still A Boy” is a hauntingly bittersweet piece that looks into those emotions and leaves them behind.

Speaking of the track, Ayelle shared: “It can be incredibly difficult to leave a relationship when the other person doesn’t want to let you go. Whilst writing this I was trying to ease my own guilt around a recent break up, reminding myself of my reasons and the fact that ultimately every person is responsible for their own happiness.”

The track is from her upcoming debut album VIII