If You Need A Pause Button In Life, Play sir Was’ “I Need A Minute”

It won’t stop time, but will give you a break

Photo: PR courtesy

By Pres Dean

Swedish artist sir Was, aka Joel Wästberg, captures our desire to put our lives on pause when things feel 5x the normal speed in his new single “I Need A Minute.” Layered with gorgeous falsetto and lush rhythmic grooves, the track is an indietronic piece that you would turn on full volume while lying down on your bed, delaying to face the world, or crying in your shower just a little bit longer. Either way, it’s a soothing track: 

Speaking of the new single, Wästberg shared: “‘I Need A Minute’ is about the strong wish to stick around for a bit longer. A cry for more time. At the same time, it’s a wish for a pause. I Need A Minute! You hear me?!”

The track is from his upcoming album Let The Morning Come, which will be out on October 15th via Memphis Industries.