APRE Capture The Highs Of Things Being Too Good To Be True In “All Mine”


Photo: Ben Selway

Experimental duo APRE channel the weird, kinda unbelievable happiness of experiencing perfection in “All Mine.” It is in our nature to be pessimistic and sometimes when things feel too good to be true, we start doubting whether this is reality or not. Soaked with the retro 90s synth vibe, “All Mine” sends you buzzy waves of euphoria:  

“When something becomes so good we can’t help but look for the flaws, drowning our minds with false anxiety, as we lie in disbelief that we’ve found the one person that understands us. In other words it seems too good to be true. This song speaks of the never-ending sense of joy another human being can give you.”

“All Mine” is from their upcoming nine-track mixtape A001, which will be arriving early next year. The duo will be kicking off their London residency at The Social this fall:

5th Oct – The Social, London

9th Nov – The Social, London

7th Dec – The Social, London