Ruth Lyon Drops Apocalyptic Love Song “Lemon Tree”

Baroque pop

Photo: PR courtesy

By Pres Dean

As the world burns and you relish the final minutes of your time on this planet, Ruth Lyon’s “Lemon Tree” will probably be playing in the background as you embrace your lover…or keep swiping for love. The baroque pop vanguard is giving us all the chill mellifluous vibes we need to relax through her feathery croons while also delivering the cinematic intensity of an end-of-the-world love scenario. Press play: 

Speaking about the single, Ruth said “despite it’s upbeat vibes, this is actually an apocalypse anthem! It’s about finding that person in your life that makes you feel so good that even the end of the world couldn’t bring you down. When everything turns to shit and there’s nothing left, meet me where you’ll know I’ll be, under the lemon tree. That’s how I like to envisage the end anyway!”

The track is from her upcoming debut EP Nothing’s Perfect, which will be out on October 22nd