French Punks Nightwatchers Drop “Their Turn Trying To Rule The World”

Politically-charged, explosively-rockable

Photo: PR courtesy

French punk-rock act Nightwatchers have unveiled their new politically-charged single “Their Turn Trying To Rule The World.” Fueled by breakneck riffs driven by bass, the track is sharpened with all the edgy explosiveness of punk while channeling the anger towards modern institutional racism dating back to colonial times. Check it out: 

Julien, vocalist and guitars of the band, commented: 

“‘Their Turn Trying’ to Rule the World’ tackles the Senate report that inspired the brand new French law against ‘Islamist separatism”. The existence of a separatist political project is presented as a fact, without any scientific proof.”

Hailing from Toulouse, Nightwatchers are Freddy Coste (drums), Kevin Bodei (guitar, vocals), Julien Virgos (guitar, vocals), and David Mareau (bass, vocals) who formed back in 2016. Through their music, the band has addressed political and social issues. “Their Turn Trying to Rule The World” is from their upcoming new album Common Crusades, which will be out on October 8th