Royel Otis Swing Between Sun-Kissed Bliss & Loneliness In “Without You”

Indie pop

Photo: Byron Spencer

Sydney-based duo Royel Otis fuel us with lovesick wistfulness through their new single “Without U,” a slick indie pop piece where its lo-fi breeze channels the laidback coastal air with tints of melancholia. “Without You” captures that perfect place and time when everything feels paradisiacal yet the person whom you want to share this the most isn’t there:

“‘Without U’ is the yearning for that spesh person whilst cruising down the coast in the back of a convertible, grilling some grub on a George Foreman grill and cooling some cold ones. The winds in your hair and the suns going down on the horizon but what’s the point in having fun without a loved one?”

The track is from their upcoming debut EP Campus, which will be out on October 7th via Anxiety / Ourness.