Har’Monique Sweeps Us Into A Groovy & Tricky Romance In “Take Over”

Put on your dancing shoes

Photo: PR courtesy

“Baby don’t you play with my emotions” chants Brooklyn artist Har’Monique in her latest single “Take Over.” Swinging between uncertainty and addictive sweetness, Har’Monique transports us into an all-consuming affair when you can’t get enough of someone – to the point where you get worried that this person might have too much power over you. Sonically, “Take Over” sees Har’Monique going on an excavation of dancefloor R&B where she lets her vocals soar with vivid romanticism.  While it starts off with a slow-burning enigmatic and risqué aura, the intensity heightens as the chest-pumping riffs start hitting you with its beatific Caribbean vibe. The hip-shaking synths paired with her hypnotic voice makes “Take Over” the perfect cloud 9 piece. But underneath the upbeat energy, there is a sense of insecurity that permeates through the lyrics as Har’Monique addresses the fear we all experience when our reality seems too good to be true. Beyond being a love song, “Take Over” captures both the excitement and insecurities that arise when we let someone else control our emotions: 

Monique Fraser is the mastermind behind Har’Moniqe was is a native of New York. Like any great love stories, her passion for music developed eight years ago thanks to her boyfriend. The relationship didn’t last, but her love for music has carried on without a flinch. This past year has been nothing but tough for Monique who had to deal with the pandemic on top of a broken heart. But instead of letting the negative experience hold her down, she decided to use music as a therapeutic outlet to bounce back stronger. “Take Over” is the byproduct of her perseverance as well as a preview of her upcoming self-titled debut album, which she’ll be releasing soon. Stay tuned.