If You Need A Re-Do Button, Then Play Lemonade Baby’s “Is It Too Late” 

Indietronic dance

Photo: PR courtesy

We’ve all done and said things that hurt others to the point where we wish there was do-over button to go back in time and unsay or undo things. Aussie artist Lemonade Day takes us spinning with regret, reflection, and endorphins with his latest single “Is It Too Late,” an indietronica piece that feels perfect for any occasion requiring apology…or dancefloor. “Put simply, this song about the feeling of instant regret and the guilt you feel when you hurt someone you love. You wish you could undo what you said or done but you can’t. So, make sure you apologise when you’re wrong and understand that no-one is perfect, and people will fuck up!” shared Lemonade Day. 

Speaking of how the song came about, Lemonade Baby shared: “This song started with a sample I was playing around with, which I thought was pretty cool. I then added the drums and the baseline, and when I woke up 4 hours later I gave it a beat and a loose melody…but then life got in the way. I actually lost this song on my hard drive for close to a year and a half, but when I rediscovered it, I changed a few things and then started working on the lyrics, which took a long time for me to settle on. I found it hard to put into words how I was feeling at the time, but I did eventually get there.”

“Is It Too Late” is out now via Mammal Sounds Records.