Royal Castles Capture Our Innate Desire To Ditch Work & Party In “Frickin Pretty”

Frickin good

Photo: Artist courtesy

You may be going through a pandemic-induced existentialism where your FOMO and general loathing towards menial work is caving in mercilessly. Royal Castles help us get through that funk while offering an empathetic soundscape to indulge in our innermost desires with their latest single “Frickin Pretty.” It’s a celebration of all things beautiful, including fleeting beauty and our constant dream to run off to Mexico and never show up for work. Ever. Now check out the video filmed, directed, and edited by Dustin Seabrook:

In their own words, “Pretty people, the fleeting jubilance of youth, making out at rocking house parties, and the unabashed desire to ditch work and go to Mexico. It’s all here in ‘Frickin Pretty,’ the third single from our upcoming sophomore album, Just The Hits. It opens with the line, “This is a party,” and that’s exactly what this song is.”