Sara Diamond Gives A Shoutout To Supportive Boyfriends In “Hollywood (U & Me)”


Image: Artist courtesy

Some exes are just meant to be with you during a certain moment in your life to give you the experience, wisdom, or trauma you need to grow. Sara Diamond pays homage to all the good exes who have provided her with support through the hardest times in her new single “Hollywood (U & Me).” It’s a sun-kissed pop piece filled with nostalgia and positive vibes as Diamond celebrates mutually symbiotic and loving partnerships: 

In her own words, “I’ve been pursuing my dream for a while, and through this time I have been lucky to have had boyfriends that believed in me and pushed me to continue. My new track, ‘Hollywood (U & Me),’ is a thank you to the supportive partners that I’ve had in my life. I wrote this song to capture the strength of love through tumultuous times. True connection isn’t severed by the beauty and allure of something beautiful.”