nijuu Blurs The Boundaries Between Dream & Reality In New EP ‘nijuu in the forest’ 

Dream pop

Photo: Mingyu

Korean dream pop artist nijuu has unveiled her latest EP nijuu in the forest, a collection of seven tracks where nijuu hopscotches between English and Korean. The record delineates her journey of growth through fantasy narratives that add an oomph of romanticism to it. Even sonically, the EP takes a distinct approach as nijuu embellishes her soundscape with elements of psychedelia and art-pop.

Regarding her new EP, she explained, “The key theme on nijuu in the forest is about ‘growth’ and about the journey to find a new place where I could learn more and be more independent. nijuu in the sea was about a little girl who just got separated from home, learning to find the way out of the darkness. If nijuu in the sea was like a little bird who just broke out from the egg then nijuu in the forest is about the little bird trying to learn how to fly and move its wings. Like learning to have more maturity and awareness (mentally, physically) and to be a better person.”