Take A Sip Of Hopeless Romanticism With grentperez’s “Cherry Wine”

Bedroom pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Rising artist grentperez injects us with dreamy, hopeless romanticism through his new single “Cherry Wine.” With its raw chords, “Cherry Wine” soars seamlessly as grentperez channels the cinematic intensity and suspension we all get through romcom. Check it out: 

On “Cherry Wine,” Grant explained: “I feel as though my music, and this song in particular, has got to be some sort of imaginative gateway to this guy that’s got all the moves and confidence, and experiences a complex love with every song. 

I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart and somewhere in the back of my head I have a few rom-com scenes and moments from TV built up that play over constantly that I subconsciously look back to when I write songs like this. 

In all honesty, that would be super fun to have interacted with someone in that way, however, I don’t think I would have been able to swoon a girl over with my dance moves.”