Matilda Cole Taps Into Growing Pains & Changes In “Camden”

Lo-fi pop

Photo: PR courtesy

With slow-burning melancholia, Brighton artist Matilda Cole muses on the overwhelming amount of emotional weight we deal with when things start changing dramatically in her latest single “Camden.” Inspired by her parents’ split, “Camden” is in a way a coming-of-age track where one is forced to grow up and face the harsh lessons that come with it. Nostalgic, gut-wrenching, but ultimately self-accepting, Matilda moves through the chaos with quiet persistence: 

Speaking of the track, she shared: “‘Camden’ is really just a song about my parents splitting up. a lot changed for me in a year, and watching their relationship deteriorate followed by selling the family home was harder for me to handle than I thought it would be. ‘Camden’ really sets the tone for the EP, which is a collection of songs about the reality of growing up.”