Maximillian’s “Letters” Is An Homage To Your Fave People Who Aren’t With You


Photo: Jonas Bie

Copenhagen-based artist Maximillian is back with a new single titled “Letters,” an intimate and laidback pop piece fueled with piano that channels longing and nostalgia. With “Letters,” Maximillian celebrates irreplaceable bonds while remind us the importance of staying in touch with them. 

“We all got good friends but there is only one true best friend. Right now, and most likely for many years to come, I can’t be with my best friend. He’s far away –gone –and I miss him. We used to hang out all the time and I know I’ll see him again someday but for now we only got the letters we write foreach other. ‘Letters’ is about the importance of telling the persons you care the most about in life what they truly mean to you before it’s too late,” Maximillian explained.

The track is from his upcoming debut album Too Young, which will be out on October 29th