The Drives Muse On The Art Of Procrastinating Problems In “End At The Door” 

Alternative rock

LA trio The Drives reflect on the different ways we ignore red flags – especially in something sensitive as relationships – in their latest single “End At The Door.” It’s the most chill track that the trio has ever released where the glimmering chords and stomping drums captures the impending sense of doom one experiences as they see the elephant in the room growing exponentially. But you’re stubbornly overlooking all the issues that pile up coz you’re not ready to face any change yet. Check it out:

In singer Andrew Levin’s words, “This song really revolves around ignoring all the bad things in a relationship because of a fear of losing that person. In my case, ignoring all the problems ultimately made the problems get worse at a faster rate than before. When I look at this song, I think it goes well beyond relationships for me and into other realms of my life. I always seem to ignore issues as they worsen and end up making decisions that make those problems exponentially worse. It’s like I’m at sea and I find a small hole in the bottom of my boat, and I try to fix it but end up making six more holes and breaking my hand in the process.”

The track is from their debut EP This Might Take A While, which will be out on October 1st.