Virginia To Vegas & MacKenzie Porter’s “this sucks.” Is About Running Into Your Ex…

With a plus one

Artwork: Artist courtesy

Imagine this scenario – you arrive at a party or small gathering expecting to impress other people with your adultish knowledge of cheese, wine, and artisanal beer. But then a familiar figure appears and you unexpectedly go into a flight-or-ohfuck mode. Yes, it’s your ex with their plus one. PLUS. ONE. And that’s when Virginia To Vegas and MacKenzie Porter’s latest collab song “this sucks.” kicks in – the song is exactly about those awkward moments when you’re caught off-guard with an ex who seemed to be happier, better, and even hotter with their plus one. It’s one of those relatable oh shit moments that you wish could escape but can’t:

In Virginia To Vegas own words, ““this sucks.’ is about running into an ex at a party with their plus one and what that does to you. You had love for this person in the past, so you want to be happy for them. In that moment though, all you can say to yourself is ‘wow, this really sucks right now.’”