Spark Up Your Life With Reed Fox’s “Glitter Power”

Disco pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Denver-based artist Reed Fox adds some shimmering dose of disco pop with his latest single “Glitter Power.” It’s a saccharine piece of psychedelia-infused dance anthem that makes you wanna jump and transcend to groovana as Fox’s distortedly euphonious vocals chant about the vividness of being human and the pure joys of it. The video is a pure bliss to our ADD brain filled with flashy lights and glimmering lights that puts you on a visual high:

Reed Cameron Fox grew up with a steady dose of music – his add had 14,000 record collection in the house. Inspired by a myriad of genres, he has DJ’d at TEDx, Meow Wolf, SeriesFest, and opened for Flaming Lips Brothers Griin in the past. When he’s not songsmithing, he’s coming up with innovative technology like Oysterizer, which is an oyster back massager.