Cuffed Up Capture Heartbreaking Revenge In “Bonnie”  

“Strike two, and I tell the lies of a compromised being”

Photo: Ana Karotkaya

LA-based quartet Cuffed Up bring their own narrative twist to the infamous Bonnie & Clyde romance with their latest single “Bonnie.” But their version taps into revenge – a bittersweet one where Clyde betrays Bonnie first, which leads her to turn him into the authorities. The track is a post-rock piece smeared with grunge shades that has a raw vibe to it. Hit the play button:  

In their own words, “’Bonnie’ is an anti-love anthem about the grief and pitfalls of a serious relationship crumbling due to lies and deceit. This is explored through the eyes of Bonnie (of Bonnie & Clyde fame), in an alternative universe where Clyde selfishly leaves Bonnie for dead. Bonnie is arrested and she decides to give Clyde up to the cops out of pure spite. Not because he left her in a dangerous situation — purely because of the end of their romantic, albeit toxic relationship.”

The track is from their upcoming EP Asymmetry, which will be out on October 22nd via Royal Mountain Records.