Alternative pop

Photo: Morgan Keller

After giving us a punchy taste of her edgy style through “DUMB DUMB”, SOUNDR has unveiled her debut EP MONSTERS IN MY HEAD today. The five track EP is largely based on SOUNDR’S experience navigating through her own mental health. “Each song on this EP is an expression of those feelings. Each song carries an unfiltered piece of me. It is vulnerable in saying: I am the ‘Monsters In My Head.’ I own who I am, even the ugly parts. And I am okay with being everything at once. But I realize now that I am also the catalyst and source of change. I control how much power I let those pieces of me have. I control who I want to be, and what I want life to look like.”

The opener “MANIA” beckons its audience to recognize and even embrace the negative emotions we all experience. “Everything you think and feel is valid. Your experiences, your emotions and thoughts, all of that makes your human experience unique to you, and that is so beautiful.”

In “IT ME”, SOUNDR lets her rage out through hauntingly gorgeous production. “‘It Me’ is the first time I’ve ever let myself express anger in a song! As a human, I have a hard time allowing myself to experience anger, so this was a really interesting experience. I think it’s healthy and necessary to let ourselves experience every emotion as it comes up.”

Another new track, “SYNTHETIC EMOTION”, is a reflection of how we often look for distraction to numb our pain and avoid addressing the real root of our problems. “I was feeling really alone and thinking about how instead of digging into the root of our pain, we reach for inebriations or lovers for escape. I wanted to tell a story, and try to bring a visual to the listeners mind. To paint this vivid picture of how painful and hollow it can be to get wrapped up in escape.”

The final track “CONTROL” captures SOUNDR’s own experience being in an abusive relationship, but reaching the epiphany that she has the power to break away from it. “‘Control’ is a song I wrote based on an abusive relationship where you feel a massive lack of power over your own life. The song comes from a place of vulnerability and emotion. The acoustic elements of the song help highlight the authenticity of the message I am trying to get across. The power within the second verse with the introduction of the bass helps paint the breaking point in the realization of being trapped.”

With MONSTERS IN MY HEAD, SOUNDR introduces herself as an artist who isn’t afraid to speak about the most vulnerable sides of the human condition.