Metteson Celebrate Temporary & Permanent Real Love In “Under You Shirt” 

Alternative pop

Photo: Sondre Roe

Hailing from Norway, Metteson has been adding his voice and groove to the LGBTQ+ community through his music. His latest song “Under Your Shirt” celebrates the pristine moment of intimate connection one experiences with another human being. Whether that is temporary or lasts forever, “Under Your Shirt” embraces the blissful feeling of it: 

In his own words, “I haven’t experienced ‘the love of my life’ but in time I’ve learned that I’ve received something just as valuable. I’ve received lots of love in the first moments, the hours or weeks when two people first connect and everything is new, exciting and full of possibility. This song, for me, is about this. It’s also a story about how kindness and sacrifice can have an immense value in a relationship.”

He’ll be playing at Larm Festival in Oslo on September 30th.